What Everyone With Any Kind of Interest In Sales or Persuasion Needs To Know

Transform Yourself Into A Dynamically Powerful Persuader
Over six hours of audio sales training shows you how to Master:

  • The two fundamental factors in selling.
  • The three absolutely essential closes.
  • The four simple steps to effective selling.
  • Seven steps to get the check.
  • How to identify the real decision maker.
  • How to get the appointment every time.
  • How to know it is time to close.
  • Objections, conditions and buying signs.
  • How to destroy the “think about it” stall.
  • The three faces of the price objection.
  • Selling value vs discounting – when & why.
  • How to end repeated price haggling.
  • Avoid rewarding them for not buying.
  • Getting more referrals then you ever need.
  • The two secret reasons why they buy.
  • Overcoming the resistance to buying Now.
  • The selling secret all Master Closers know.
  • How to close a Master Closer.

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