Selling Simplified – Audio and eBook Combo

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Transform Yourself Into A Dynamically Powerful Persuader

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What Everyone With Any Kind of Interest In Persuasion or Sales Needs To Know.
Both the Audio and Text Book courses include:

  • The one secret every powerful persuader knows.
  • The two fundamental factors in persuasion and sales.
  • The three “must have” closes.
  • The four simple, logically consecutive activities sales pros follow.
  • The five faces of price.
  • How selling destroys the arbitrary factors holding some back.
  • Identifying why the buyer is hesitating.
  • Conditions vs objections to closing the sale.
  • The power of the conditional close.
  • Satisfying bargain hunters.
  • The first rule of negotiating.
  • The reason to buy and the excuse to buy.
  • The best defense against the “think about it” stall.
  • Overcoming the fear of loss.
  • Persuading with just the facts.
  • The persuasive power of questions.
  • Overcoming “I can’t afford it”.
  • Why the “Silly Question” is not so silly.
  • Closing by comparing cost to price.
  • Overcoming the three reasons for not buying.
  • Avoid rewarding them for not buying.
  • The proven best way to get referrals.
  • Overcoming resistance with “Feel, Felt, Found”.
  • How the customer loses by not buying.

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The author took what he learned in fifty plus years in sales and distilled his deep understanding of the secrets of effective persuasion into forty-six simple to follow chapters. Your journey to becoming a master in sales and persuasion has been dramatically accelerated with his simple to follow lessons. Each lesson is designed to rapidly equip you with the tools and insights needed for sustained growth. This course comes with the authors personal guarantee, applying the lessons taught will lead to unparalleled success. He received the $158K check below for an ad he sold when he only knew ten percent of what is taught in the course. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your persuasion powers and elevate your career to new heights. The adventure begins here, where every challenge is an opportunity waiting to be discovered.