One Installment of $749.00

Two Installments of $422.00

Three Installments of $312.00

Twelve Monthly Installments of $86.00

The Quick Start Digital Package Gives You a License to Publish Two Unique Digital Publications.

he purpose of The Book of Golden Rulers digital publication is to allow a user to have, right on her phone the kinds of folks we all love doing business with because everyone in the app takes the Golden Rule Pledge, i.e., they pledge to treat others as they wish to be treated.

The Golden Rule website is dedicated to encouraging widespread adoption of the Golden Rule because the Golden Rule is the best path to peace for all humanity.

The Golden Rule Advocacy was founded by the creator of the Chronicles Publishing System who personally encouraged several hundred business owners to take the Pledge and become Certified Golden Rulers.

The Book of Golden Rulers contains informative content about the history of the Golden Rule and highlights the Golden Rule as given by all the major religions, philosophers, poets, authors and statesmen. It contains several hundred hyperlinks to Golden Rule related information.

The most recent New Bern NC edition of The Book of Golden Rulers (shown above) includes thirty-five full page ads and dozens of half, one third and quarter page ads ranging in price from $364 to $1,144.

And here’s the best part, after your expenses plus your overhead costs are satisfied and you have paid your weekly Chronicles Founder Royalty of only twenty-five dollars, completing one edition of The Book of Golden Rulers in your area could very well return your initial investment. How many businesses could you start that would turn a profit so quickly? 

Celebrity Chefs Magazine
 is a weekly digital publication. Every edition contains ten chefs demonstrating how they prepare a particular food. Over the course of a year 520 recipes are delivered to users right on their phones in the form of video demonstrations.

Both digital publications are interactive PDFs so they work on any phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. The digital publications include “Tap to Call” whereby the user can tap a phone number in the ad and the user’s phone places the call.

“Tap to Map” is also a built in feature. Simply tap the address in the ad and it launches the phones navigation system. Additionally, included in an advertiser’s ad is a link to their Facebook page, Instagram, their website etc.

The Quick Start Digital Package includes all the master files needed to create a successful digital publishing business. You only need to create your local ads, drop them into the templates, export the completed file and upload it to our server for download by local consumers.

Remember all Chronicles packages come with the indispensable Chronicles Publisher Essentials which includes all the paperwork, contracts and procedures you need to successfully operate your own highly profitable publishing business. Here’s what comes with every package (even the Quick Peek Package):

Chronicles Publisher Essentials

  • Introduction to the Chronicles Publishing System
  • Understanding the Advertising Industry
  • How to Generate Income from Advertising Sales
  • Selling In Two Parts
        Part I – Finding People to Sell – Prospecting
        Part II – Selling the People You Find
  • Telephone Presentations – multiple scripts showing how to get the appointment
  • In Person Presentations – multiple scripts for closing the sale
  • Email and Fax Sales Documents
  • Greatest Sales Closes & Questions of All Time (over 150 powerful closes & questions)
  • Rebuttals – how to demolish every objection to buying
  • Forms, Letters & Legal Documents – over 70 pages of publishing industry specific “paperwork”
  • Sample copies of dozens of Chronicles Publications

To succeed as an independent publisher, you need only follow the detailed steps in the Chronicles Publisher Operations Manual which covers everything you need to know to become a successful publisher of advertiser supported print and digital publications. A PDF version is included in the purchase price of every Chronicles Publisher Package.

The Quick Start Digital Package also includes all the paperwork, contracts, processes and procedures you need to operate your own highly profitable publishing business.


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