A Word from the Founder of the Chronicles Publishing System
ello, I am John McIntosh, the Founder of the Chronicles Publishing System, the Golden Rule Advocacy and dozens of print and digital publications. I created my first publication in 1968. It would be eight years before I hit a "home run" with "What's New Magazine".

I started What’s New with $300. Pat McGovern, the founder of International Data Group (IDG), Computerworld and many successful publications offered three to five million dollars to roll it out nationally. For over fifty years I have tried many things to improve the quality and profitability of my publications. Those things that worked comprise what I call the Chronicles Publishing System (CPS). The CPS is thoroughly detailed in over 500 pages of the Chronicles Publisher Operations Manual.

The Operations Manual includes everything you need to succeed as a publisher irrespective of the publication’s focus. I invite you to explore the packages under which you could become a Licensed Chronicles Publisher and begin operating your own, highly profitable publishing business.

An individual dedicating full time to a Chronicles inspired, informed and branded publishing business, applying the principles and procedures delineated in the Operations Manual can exceed six figures. Those aspiring to seven figures can build an organization producing many different Chronicles branded, advertiser supported publications. I can personally attest, there is nothing quite like owning your own publishing business and generating a great cash flow by producing advertiser supported publications.

The CPS is a tried and proven publishing system applicable to any kind of publication irrespective of its focus or its platform, i.e print or digital. Faithfully using this extensive publishing knowledge-base will generate highly satisfactory results starting with your very first edition. Like everything else in life, your income level as a successful Publisher depends more on what you do then anything else. And the potential for success using the Chronicles Publishing System is impressive. For one promotion in a single issue of the Founder’s first publication, a Fortune 500 advertiser wrote a check in the amount of $158,150.00. That check was a direct result of the principles, processes and procedures detailed in the Chronicles Publisher Operations Manual.

Obviously no one can guarantee you can do the same but learning what I know certainly should improve your chances of not only duplicating what I’ve accomplished but surpassing it.

Needless to say, high income levels require hard work, dedication and know how. If you are ready to supply the first two, the Chronicles Publishing System provides the rest. It is the best road map to becoming a highly successful and profitable Publisher. Naturally there are a limited number of Licenses we plan to provide, so time is of the essence. Get started NOW!

Everything You Need to Know to Publish Any Kind of Advertiser Supported Print or Digital Publication is included in the Chronicles Publishing System.

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