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With the potential for a Licensed Chronicles Publisher to make a six or seven figure annual income, our Chronicles License practically sells itself. The Founder of the Chronicles Publishing System worked tirelessly to create a revolutionary new approach to print and digital publishing. A proven system that provides everything the Licensed Publisher needs to operate a highly profitable, advertiser supported publishing business.

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The Chronicles License to Publish gives the holder the opportunity to profit by selling our exclusive Adverslides at 25 Chronicles websites.

Market Leader

The Chronicles Publishing System, perfected over forty plus years by a publishing Pro who has sold ads ranging from $10 to $158,150.00.

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As an Affiliate you receive exclusive access to promotional ads and banners designed to make this a profitable relationship for all concerned.

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We pay over $200 when you introduce us to just one individual a week who buys a Chronicles License to Publish. Earn a whopping $927 when your efforts result in three License sales in one week.
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Frequently asked questions

A critical step we encourage every future Chronicles Licensee to take in the process of acquiring their own business is a comprehensive due diligence examination to ensure they are making an informed decision before making a purchase.

This may not be the most important question, but we love it because to be able to purchase a business with the real potential of a 6 or 7 figure annual income for $936 and a weekly royalty of just $24.99 has to be the “deal of the century”.

Why so low?

Because we genuinely are more interested in creating as many highly successful local Chronicles Publishers as we possible can then we are in how much we make on a single License sale.

Truth be known, at $936 we don’t begin to cover our costs. But, when we reach a critical mass of local Chronicles Publishers, all over the world we will be in a position to fulfill our journalistic mission of Non Partisan Pursuit of Truth®.

Needless to say, high income levels require hard work, dedication and know how. For any reasonably intelligent person ready to supply the first two, the Chronicles Publishing System provides the “how to”. It is the best road map to becoming a successful and highly profitable Publisher.

The Founder of the Chronicles publishing System started What’s New Magazine, his first publication in 1976  with $300. Pat McGovern, the founder of International Data Group (IDG), Computerworld and many successful publications offered three to five million dollars to roll it out nationally. For over forty years the Founder tried many things to improve the usefulness and profitability of his publications. Those things that worked in the advertiser supported,  print and digital publishing business comprise what today is known as the Chronicles Publishing System (CPS).

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Profit from the revolution we are creating in Publishing

Be well compensated for introducing your audience to the opportunity to make a great living as a Licensed Chronicles Publisher. By the way, if you refer others who become Affiliates you receive a commission when those other Affiliates find new Chronicles Publishers for us.