Become a Licensed Chronicles Publisher

Small Investment - Unlimited Potential - Limited Time Offer!

Own a publishing business generating a 6, 7 or 8 figure annual income selling Adverslides on our network of over sixty websites. Start with one of our Adverslide ready sites for a modest investment of $936 and a weekly royalty of only $24.99. Add more sites anytime for only $468 each.

Do the math. Suppose, over the course of a year you take all weekends off and enjoy a four week vacation. That gives you 240 work days. Suppose you only make one sale a day and on average charge a business an annual fee of only $125 for displaying their Adverslide at one Chronicles’ site. That’s $150,000. Sell one Adverslide in the morning and one in the afternoon, that’s a $300,000.00 annual income. And you are not limited to selling Adverslides on an annual basis (or at $125 – see sample sales below). As a Chronicles Publisher you set your own prices and can sell Adverslides annually, twice a year, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Once licensed as a Chronicles Publisher, at anytime you can add more Chronicles sites to display Adverslides at the rate of $468 a site.

Chroicles Websites

You keep what advertisers pay you for their Adverslides appearing on 1 to 60 plus networked sites.

The Chronicles package has everything you need to succeed as a Publisher, including

  • Introduction to the Chronicles Publishing System
  • Understanding the Advertising Industry
  • The Chronicles Operations Manual (over 500 pages)
  • How to Generate Income from Advertising Sales
  • Selling In Two Parts
        Part I – Finding People to Sell
        Part II – Selling the People You Find
  • Telephone Presentations – how to get the appointment
  • In Person Presentations – how to close the sale
  • Selling Simplified, “Best Selling” 65,000 word eBook and the 6 hour audio book.
  • Greatest Sales Closes & Questions of All Time (over 150 powerful closes & questions)
  • Rebuttals – how to demolish every objection to buying
  • Forms, Letters & Legal Documents – over 50 pages of publishing industry specific “paperwork”
  • Email Sales Documents
  • Sample copies of several Chronicles Print Publications
  • Sign On Access to the Chronicles 25 Networked Adverslide websites
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