Become a Licensed Chronicles Publisher

Small Investment - Unlimited Potential - Limited Time Offer!

Own a publishing business generating a 6, 7 or 8 figure annual income selling Adverslides on our Chronicles 100 network of websites. The Chronicles 100 sites cover every major topic of interest including Arts, Autos, Bicycling, Boating, Celebrities, Comedy, Fashion, Fitness, Food, Dance, Gifts, Health, Homes, Music, Pets, Pizza, Racing, Religion, Restaurants, Sports, and more. Start with one of our Adverslide ready sites for a modest investment of $936 and a weekly royalty of only $24.99. Add more sites anytime for only $468 per site with no increase in the weekly royalty.

Do the math. Suppose, over the course of a year you take all weekends off and enjoy a four week vacation. That gives you 240 work days. Suppose you only make one sale a day and on average charge a business an annual fee of only $364 (a dollar a day) for displaying their Adverslide at one Chronicles’ site. That’s over $87,000.

Sell one Adverslide in the morning and one in the afternoon, that’s a $174,720.00 annual income. And you are not limited to selling Adverslides on an annual basis (or at $364- see “Adverslide Sales” below).

As a Chronicles Publisher you set your own prices and can sell Adverslides annually, twice a year, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Once licensed as a Chronicles Publisher, at anytime you can add more Chronicles sites to display Adverslides at the rate of $468 a site.

Buylocally247 is a great first site to own. Not only because it’s dedicated to the growing “Shop Local” movement, but (in addition to Adverslide sales) it includes a Local Business Directory with a wide range of advertising opportunities and  prices for local businesses.

And here's the best part, you keep what businesses pay you for their ads.

The Chronicles package has everything you need to succeed as a Publisher, including

  • Introduction to the Chronicles Publishing System
  • Understanding the Advertising Industry
  • The Chronicles Operations Manual (over 500 pages)
  • How to Generate Income from Advertising Sales
  • Selling In Two Parts
        Part I – Finding People to Sell
        Part II – Selling the People You Find
  • Telephone Presentations – how to get the appointment
  • In Person Presentations – how to close the sale
  • Selling Simplified, “Best Selling” 65,000 word eBook and the 6 hour audio book.
  • Greatest Sales Closes & Questions of All Time (over 150 powerful closes & questions)
  • Rebuttals – how to demolish every objection to buying
  • Forms, Letters & Legal Documents – over 50 pages of publishing industry specific “paperwork”
  • Email Sales Documents
  • Sample copies of several Chronicles Print Publications
  • Sign On Access to the Chronicles 100 Network of Adverslide websites
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